Tissot T-Gold Rose Dream Review

Tissot is known mostly for their luxury timepieces this Swiss watchmaker has been making timepieces since 1853 and creates quality watches for the everyman as well as those with four to six figures in their luxury watch budget.


From business wear, casual elegance, to bold statement pieces, Tissot affords men the luxury of choosing their style while never compromising the quality of the rest of the timepiece. Tissot guarantees the use of the best construction materials, crystals, movement, and design.

All of these qualities have never been more apparent than in the gorgeously masculine Tissot T-Gold Rose Dream Men’s Watch, that this Swiss brand can do it all in any price range. This 40mm 18kt Rose Gold timepiece is Swiss made and from Tissot’s T-Gold Series. Featuring everything from Sapphire crystal, a genuine leather strap, an incredible design, and a sleek / thin case design of only 5.65mm, you won’t have to pay much more than two grand for this outstanding piece of quality.

Power Source

Quartz is used to power this timepiece. Tissot decided that in order to keep the costs down on this high quality piece, that since the timekeeping is rather simple (hour, minute, second, and a date window) that a quality quartz movement was appropriate. And we certainly agree.

Tissot is known for using ETA calibres in their quartz movements. This T-Gold model features an ETA 955.412 calibre, and as always, this is a quality quartz and will keep the three-hand and date timekeeping with precision for years to come.

The Good

The 40mm case design of this Tissot is perfect, especially considering the use of 18kt Rose Gold as the construction material. This precious metal is without a doubt a warm and rich style that complements the black two-texture dial and the Rose Gold dial marking with perfection. The skeleton back of the case also allows the wearer to view the inside of the watch.

The fact that Tissot used a scratch resistant Sapphire as the crystal of choice for the dial window just shows that their commitment to quality and luxury is not “skin deep” to to speak. You can view the dark and luxury dial through this beautiful Sapphire and see the clean, Arabic numerals and markings made of Rose Gold.

In addition, the genuine black alligator strap is not cheap and does not look like it. With a texture that promotes a dark luxury rather than your boring leather strap, this one looks quite different on this piece than it would any other watch. With the addition of the white stitching, the watch combines the trend towards accenting both the strap and dial, and does it quite well. Finally, the water resistance is respectable for a dress piece at 30 meters / 100 feet. In all, this timepiece is a complete class act.

The Bad

There are no negative aspects to this timepiece when you take into consideration the price range and what Tissot already included. For the price, this Tissot goes above and beyond what most watch brands would do as far as materials are concerned. There will always be a trade-off, and in this instance, Tissot rightly traded off an automatic movement for a quartz movement, which allowed them to implement Sapphire and 18kt Rose Gold into the timepiece.


The functionality of this timepiece is simple and Tissot does not overcomplicate a beautiful design. The ETA 955.412 calibre quartz movement has all of the power needed to keep the time on this watch with precision and longevity. With only the hour, minute, seconds, and the day of the month to track on the stunning black dial, Tissot’s quartz movement is perfect for this timepiece.

The quality of materials used is another factor in this watch’s functionality and performance. The scratch resistant Sapphire crystal is clearly the optimal glass one wants to protect the dial. This incredibly hard crystal will protect this Tissot from scratches and can take drops. The same goes for the superior case material. The 18kt Rose Gold used for the 40mm case and the slightly raised bezel is a much better material than stainless steel, which would typically be used.

Rose Gold is more durable and gives this timepiece an incredibly luxurious glow you could not get with even ion-plated stainless steel. The watch is also water resistant to 30 meters (around 100 feet), which means you can wash your hands, shower, and it will survive accidental drops in shallow water.

The Highlights

The highlights of this peace is the 18kt Rose Gold construction and the simple but warm design. With a 40mm 18kt Rose Gold case featuring a gorgeous skeleton back, Tissot protects the black dial and Rose Gold Arabic markings with a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal. Interestingly, the sapphire crystal, pioneered by Tissot, was once the preserve of the luxury watch. However, improvements in manufacturing techniques now mean that many different brands use it, from Omega and Timex to fashion brands such as Emporio Armani watches.

The case and bezel are made from this precious metal and the Rose Gold look, paired with the black dial and black Alligator strap, offers a warm and sophisticated presence. With a simple three-hand main dial and a calendar date window, this piece is a fashion statement and a bold one at that. Quality and design meet at an incredible cost you would be crazy not to take advantage of.


The Tissot T-Gold Rose Dream Men’s timepiece retails for nearly $3000, but you can purchase it brand new and unworn from online retailers for slightly less than this.