Top 5 Guaranteed Job Hunting Methods in 2019

Jobs hunting seem like a never ending challenge. Most job seekers would face hard times while searching for jobs which can be a great opportunity; it might be hard to land on a job which might fully fulfill all sides, your requirements, qualifications and field. Most job seekers would rather take a job even if they won’t be satisfied of what they’ve been offered, but they accept anyways in order to cover their current financial commitments or gain any kind of experience to be eligible for future job opportunities.

Sometimes, the method followed when applying for a job is the main reason of not actually landing on a great job position. Some people wouldn’t have enough experience in which method to follow, which company policies matches their demands and which field they should enroll in. job seekers must be creative in utilizing new strategies in order to get a job which would make them move forward on the long run. Every job has its own method to be reached out for.

Here are the best ways to find a job in 2019:

  1. Networking is crucial

Networking allows job seekers to reveal hidden job market opportunities. Sometimes, we might notice that some job vacancies are never advertised. Here come the benefits of networking tools, it can actually make you land on a job opportunity which was never announced or advertised for. When you have a huge network connections platform, it allows you to make it to some job by communication with people, there is always job opportunities announced by someone enrolled in your targeted field. Networking can be done easily either in person or online. You need be active in joining professional associations and attending different events for job seeker or even for graduates of your school. There are various online tools which might cut it half way short for you, social networking sites are also a great followed method in catching good job opportunities.

  • There are some specialized online tools which can make you land on a great job opportunity, like LinkedIn, it allows you to connect with professionals and get notified for possible job openings.
  1. Individuals Referrals

This is one of the oldest ways in job advertising. Some individuals you know might offer you a job position which their company is looking for candidates to cover, however, this way may get you a job opportunity which you were not looking for in the first place. It also happens when this specific individuals works or is in a close relationship with their HR department, they would get asked whether they know a successful candidate to fit in the job positing they’re hiring for . if you were a great fit to the job position , then it would be a win-win deal for both sides , your contacts gets a finder’s fee for attracting a great candidates as well as yourself getting a job opportunity which is much better than your current.

  • Always be open up to good job opportunities offers, you never know when you might be referred to. That’s why you must always maintain great connections with a lot of employees in different fields.
  1. Career Websites and Job Boards

Job boards are now replaces with the virtual format of job announcements board. Generally, state governments and federals are still attached to the formal way of job boards. Other company’s jobs are mostly advertised through famous Online Job Websites like Joblang Job search engines are now the easiest method for job seekers; it allows you to access vast number of jobs related websites which posts job openings, such as It allows you to search for a huge number jobs in a timely manner and can give you wide access to both local and even work abroad opportunities.

  • Some job seekers might fall into frauds or spams while applying for job opportunities. That’s why you should only search through secured and authorized online job websites like
  • Your resume holds much personal and confidential information about you, do not reveal your information to any un-secured search engines and job portals.
  1. Companies Official Websites

Career sections in the official website of companies are a great way to find a job. If you have a dream company in mind, you can easily check their career section of their official website. You might find a job vacancy advertisement which actually fits your qualifications and your skills set. You need to be always updated to the last job vacancies posted by your dream companies , make sure to search through your company’s job official website only , do not fall for spam job advertising manipulating.

  • As an advice for job seekers, do not underestimate your skills and academic knowledge even if you might think you’re not qualified, you will not lose anything if you submit your resume for your dream company, and sometimes luck strikes suddenly!
  • Some companies would also advertise their available job vacancies through secured and authorized online job websites like , in order to expand the job advertisement.
  1. Job Affairs

Job affairs generally specify the targeted industry or field. But there are other recruitment affairs which are more generalized; they usually make a list of the organizations that will attend the event. You must prepare a good number of resumes; you’ll typically be selling your skills and self for the targeted recruitment company. you need to excel your communications skills , those mini chats you’ll be having with the companies recruiters are considered as mini interviews , if you pay their attention they’ll certainly call you in for a formal interview after a while. Some recruiters use the method of on-site interviews, this happens when they find candidates which match their requirements. You need to be fully prepared, do the same steps you make when you’re going to an interview, out in mind to wear formal outfits and look and sound good!

There are many other methods job seekers follow, but these are the most effective methods which must be used in order to land on a great job opportunity. Job seekers must experiment most methods , you shouldn’t lose hope by only trying one or two methods , you need to knock all doors , after all , no one will open doors for silent job applicants.