Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

With Touch Australia, we provide a protection shield against germs with a manual or touch free hand sanitiser dispenser. We need constant hand cleaning to eliminate the germs that can be transmitted through our hands. We can infect ourselves from every point of contact with our hands, to spread the microbe to every area you touch, to make our loved ones, relatives and even people we do not know without knowing.

Thanks to the Touch Australia touch free hand sanitiser dispenser, designed to prevent all these situations, it gives you the chance to clean hands in areas where it is not possible to use soap since your hands. With its touch free hand sanitiser dispenser, it offers the technology that will support the health of people in all social areas such as offices, airports, hospitals, all health institutions, restaurants-cafes, sports halls, all common toilets, shopping malls.

The disinfectant dispenser, which has an infrastructure with sensors, allows you to clean without contact without touching. It prevents the germs that spread due to contact and prevent them from spreading. If we talk about its features; It has automatic spraying feature with automatic sensor. It can be used in institutions, common areas, social areas, or all personal spaces. It makes hand disinfection practical with its ease of use and comfort. It is among the advantages that it takes up less space, is portable and can be mounted anywhere. It can be changed with the appropriate head structure for different types of bottles. For example, the liquid soap, detergent or cream you use provides flexibility in use by conforming to the teeth.

At the same time, all the non-contact hand disinfectant dispenser apparatus are removable and dishwasher safe.