Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery Fabrics

Tepastex responds to customer needs with upholstery fabrics in its product range. It is provided by two different production techniques such as knitting or weaving among upholstery fabric. In upholstery fabric, Products such as wool, acrylic, and polyester are created by combining them together. We see upholstery fabrics in home furniture, car seat upholstery and home textiles.

When I evaluate the properties of Tepastex upholstery fabric, I can say that it has increased at many points.

Product requests are met for the purpose of use. In this case, it provides ease of use with the right material supply. It is possible to choose high quality fabrics with Tepastex, which is the choice of those who want to minimize the problems that may occur due to the method of use and time of use. The biggest expectation from upholstery fabrics are points such as being durable, having water repellency, not fading in color, having dirt-repellent feature, and being machine-washable.

To achieve this quality, weaving style, type of yarn used, workmanship and technological factors have a great impact.

Due to the quality production technology of Tepastex, the material content they use, and the technological infrastructure, provided the desired quality upholstery fabric supply.

With Tepastex we easily solve the problem of correct fabric right area. For example, the upholstery fabric properties that can be used in the living room and the upholstery fabric properties used in the kitchen should be different from each other. With the wrong choices, the life of the product is shortened, and expectations cannot be met.

With Tepastex, we provide chain customer satisfaction by making the right choices. The fact that we get answers to all our needs is one of the reasons for our preference.