Visiting Horsetooth

Off the west of the United States, lies within a topographical masterpiece created by the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, and the Great Plains—the State of Colorado. It boasts of a highly rich and dense ecosystem of mountain terrains, forests, canyons, plateaus, high plains, desert lands, lakes, and rivers. And home to Colorado is a great body of water that runs approximately 6.5 miles long and one-half mile wide, the Horsetooth Reservoir, found in the west of Fort Collins.

Referred to by the locals as Horsetooth, the reservoir is a good source of potable water, irrigation, and hydropower in the Larimer County and other communities in the region. Consist of four large dams: Horsetooth Dam, Soldier Canyon Dam, Dixon Canyon Dam, and Spring Canyon Dam, that together form the lake of more than 10 million cubic yards of water. The reservoir being the primary source of water and energy in the region is upkeep jointly by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

Horsetooth hoist itself as a popular destination for recreation in the region. An approximate of 570,000 people visits the place each year, making it a must-see destination when in Colorado. The reservoir with the surrounding 1,900 acres of lands is accessible for land, hiking, and water activities. One can do hiking, biking, camping, and picnic, as well as boating, fishing, and swimming to allowed areas. Kayaking and canoeing are also popular activities. More recently, the Dakota sandstone became famous for climbing and bouldering as it pose great challenge to climbers and athletes. And since a lot of visitors come to the reservoir, pavilions were made available to accommodate groups in their activities.

Promotion efforts of the Horsetooth Reservoir are in place with the Larimer County managing the park and its facilities. The County also works hand-in-hand with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Water District for conservation and protection of the entire reservoir. Moreso, locally grown organizations and companies are offering hands to make Horsetooth known not just in the US but also to the world. Support from these organizations extends as far as making products that promotes Horsetooth. With its people ingenuity and creativity, Horsetooth is now gradually becoming a brand. Horsetooth’d for instance, a locally grown enterprise solidify the presence of Horsetooth by designing and producing clothing merchandize, stickers, and other prints. Hooth’d can be found here Such an effort takes pride of one’s homage and love for Horsetooth. This kind of endeavor exemplifies patronage and love of the place where they grew in. And such expression is a good way to promote and make Horsetooth known.

Because of so much love for Horsetooth, people are also volunteering to maintain, conserve, and protect the reservoir through programs spearheaded by the Larimer County. The Natural Resources Volunteer Program connects the community with their natural world by taking care of the area. One can be a volunteer intern, assistant, naturalist, ranger, and photographer in this program. One can also participate to help secure the area and the safety of the visitors by volunteering in the Sheriff Program as patrol reserve, posse, victim advocate, and jail volunteers.

So the next time you’re off to travel, consider going west and visit the state of Colorado. The beauty and richness best represented by the Horsetooth Reservoir and its people.