Wedding Reception Performers

Your wedding reception is an opportunity to throw an awesome party for yourself, your friends, and your family. Obviously some great food and a dance floor are required, but there are plenty of ways you can take the party to the next level. You can hit up your local party rental place for inflatables, or have a food truck bring in awesome late-night snacks, sure. But one way to really make your party stand out is to provide some live entertainment, and we don’t mean from a cover band. With a little google savvy and a slight bump in your budget, you could wow your guest with:

Juvenile Circus Troupe

Parents used to take their kids to piano or ballet lessons after school. These days, there’s a cool new trend for the minivan set: juvenile circus classes. Kids from 5-18 learn acrobatics, and we’re not talking turning somersaults. These kids are hanging from trapezes, flipping around on ropes, everything you’d see under the big top. If you’re in a major metropolitan area, somewhere near you there’s a circus class with kids practicing for the next recital. Give them a call and you’ll have adorable tots walking a tightrope to liven up your reception.


Sure, we all pretend that juggling is lame. I mean, look at that guy tossing chainsaws around–he totally wasted his life, right? But let’s be honest; juggling is pretty cool. Hit up your local Renaissance Festival to find a couple of jugglers who really know their stuff, and give them a thirty-minute spotlight at your reception. You’ve kept a lot of plates spinning, speaking metaphorically; while you were planning the wedding. Now it’s time to relax and watch someone actually keep a lot of literal plates spinning. Just maybe tell them to leave the chainsaws at home this time, for safety’s sake.

Fire performers

Speaking of Renaissance Festivals and things that are awesome: imagine having your outdoor reception suddenly lit up by a troupe of performers spinning, spitting, and eating fire. It’s a mesmerizing act to watch, and it’s a good substitute for propane heaters if the night turns chilly. A fire troupe like the Fandazzi Fire Circus can bring theatricality and a carnival vibe as well as turning up the heat with their fire props. Plus, they make a good companion to those sparklers for your wedding reception that you picked up at the very last minute.

Elvis Impersonator

Sometimes you don’t want to go nuts with circus performers and fire eaters. Sometimes you just want someone to love you tender. Sometimes you want a little less conversation. You want to be someone’s teddy bear. You get the point–we’re talking about hiring an Elvis impersonator. You don’t have to be in Vegas to have the King attend your wedding, and he doesn’t have to do the ceremony if you’d rather be a little more traditional. But you can definitely have a faux-Elvis liven up your reception with some hip-swiveling and some good old-fashioned rock and roll. The parents and grandparents will enjoy it, and your friends will enjoy it ironically, so everyone wins.

Your reception is your gift to yourself and your guests after months of planning and preparation. A live performance is a great way to cap off the night.