What Are Hydraulic Injector Pullers?

Injector Pullers

For extracting bearings from vehicles and heavy machinery, hydraulic injector pullers are designed. The removal of bearings can be difficult, so hydraulic injector pullers are built to make removal much simpler and easier.

Since the popular rail diesels were developed, injectors stuck in engines have been an ongoing problem in the automotive industry. The explanation for seizing injectors is because of galvanic corrosion that happens when aluminum (the vehicle’s cylinder head) comes into contact with steel (the injector) in a wet setting, this sort of corrosion makes it nearly difficult for the injectors to remove meaning that more high capacity equipment is required to withdraw injectors such as hydraulic pullers.

To assist withdrawal, hydraulic injector pullers have up to 10 tonnes of pulling power on seized injectors. Including the more popular TVP (Renault Trafic, Vauxhall Vivaro, Nissan Primastar), there is a range of kits for pulling injectors.

There is a range of injector recovery equipment for the injector pullers that will aid in many ways, including the recovery of broken and resistant injectors as well as injectors that are trapped in engines. So, whether it’s an existing issue or an ongoing problem with the injector, our injector puller tools will help. For several years, injector puller elimination has become an issue in the car industry, because of the seizure of injectors, the problem continues to be.

This is because of the galvanic corrosion that is in a wet atmosphere when aluminum, which is normally at the head of the engine, comes into contact with steel, which is the injector. The design of this corrosion would make it nearly difficult to withdraw the injectors which would result in high-capacity machinery being used to withdraw the injector, which may be a hydraulic puller.

The Sykes-Pickavant 18580000 Hydraulic Injector Puller Package is designed to provide controlled force to help extract seized fuel injectors on modern diesel engines where conventional slide hammer removers have limited space above the injectors to function.

Injector Pullers

Diesel fuel injectors are often prone to the blowing of carbon-based combustion deposits past the tip of the injector; this hardens and solidifies around the injector, sealing them into the head of the cylinder. It is necessary that this carbon seal is released and replaced in advance or dissolved using an adequate fluid to help injector removal.

The Hydraulic Injector Puller System is intended to be used with a compatible hydraulic pump (pump not provided in the system) using normal industrial connectors to provide the required fluid power to assist the release from the cylinder head of fuel injectors.

Sykes-Pickavant suggests the use of the 20017000 hydraulic hand pump with the 18580000 Hydraulic Injector Puller for the best output when a hydraulic pump is needed.

The 18580000 Hydraulic Injector Puller comes with 3 lengths of adjustable mounting legs for each corner of the instrument, since injectors and indeed cylinder heads are positioned at different angles in relation to the engine block; these should be individually set to enable the main frame to be in line with the injector in almost every automotive application.