What Are The Business Uses Of Bobbleheads?


The development of custom bobbleheads began on a mass scale and sometime trickled down to private individuals who wanted to make customized figurines of themselves, their friends, relatives or favorite characters, whether true or fiction.

However, there are business areas and unique sectors that still benefit greatly from using bobbleheads as one of their essential resources to cause buzz, reach customers, send a message or simply make fun.

The first obvious starting point is general marketing. Creating a bobblehead figurine is particularly useful to businesses who use some kind of character or mascot either in their logo, or as an endorsement character. If this is the case, a bobblehead figurine that can be sent to key customer contacts or prospective customers as a desk reminder is a perfect way forward.

If the company has no such character as part of its corporate identity, then the company’s top executive, or the customer itself, may be transformed into figurines, and the effect this will cause is likely to be just as big as it is unpredictable.

Using such item for marketing activities is likely to fall into the luxury category, giveaways, or in certain special cases it may be called point of sale content.

Another good chance to use these bobbleheads is when the company’s main product is a person like a celebrity or speaker, coach or teacher. The figurine will represent the individual directly. The figurine ‘s posture, the clothing he or she wears, and the body ‘s style may be specifically decided by celebrity or manager. It may be the artist is up and coming, and the figurine can be used as a gift of PR to boost visibility and create a sensation around the celebrity.

If the celebrity is well-established, the figurine can be sold, generating a new stream of income.

Today, there are many celebrities with a bobblehead to their name. The best thing about it is that making someone’s figurine isn’t a huge deal financially, since it’s creating the first original that takes most of the time, and any subsequent copy is much cheaper to create and ship.


When contemplating making a corporate executive, celebrity or business mascot bobblehead, one should make sure to be highly precise in the kind of instructions given to the figurine company. This is because the effect will be constantly copied and any flaws in the design will be significantly exacerbated as opposed to one-off imperfections to which one might turn a blind eye.

Whatever the special event or function, a retail bobblehead or a custom bobblehead will make any celebration more memorable, making any cake or shelf unique and special. Buy only from a reputable physical or online shop when buying a bobblehead that can turn your vision into reality and let you get a cake topper or show you’ll enjoy for many years.

Ensure the bobble heads company allows you to prove and perfect the concept until you’re 100% pleased with the product.