What is a Safety Syringe?

What is a Safety Syringe?

A safety syringe is a device that collects blood from a needle, without the need to touch the needle. It is used by medical professionals during procedures such as blood collection, giving injections, and drawing blood.

A safety syringe is portable and can be easily carried in a pocket or bag. It comes with an attached needle and a cap that can cover the needle when not in use.

Safety syringes are commonly used by health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, technicians, and others who may come into contact with needles during their work.

Why Are Safety Syringes Important for Healthcare Professionals?

Safety syringes are important because they decrease the risk of needle-stick injuries to healthcare professionals. These injuries can be caused by accidental needlesticks, which can result in blood exposure and infection.

The risk of accidental needlestick injuries is high when using needles for blood collection, as well as other medical procedures. It has been reported that about 1 in every 10,000 people who get a needlestick injury will die from it.

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