What Social Media Platforms Should I Be Using?

soncial mendina


a term to describe the current state of the internet and the place where the consumers’ attention is.

(Gary Vaynerchuk)

How many hours (or days) a day would you wager people are on social media platforms these days? According to Mediakix, the average person will spend five years of their lives on social media!There are at least 21 major social media platforms. This can be incredibly and overwhelmingly frighteningwhen you have to choose which ones you should use. We’ve summarised five of the major platforms to help you decide what social media platforms you should be using.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform with about 2.23 billion monthly active users. There are 65 million businesses with Facebook pages and more than six million advertisers promoting their businesses according to Buffer. Therefore, almost everyone in your client database is on Facebook.

Facebook allows you to create a communitythrough sharingphotos, text updates and videos to tell them more about your company, new products or services, run competitions etc. More importantly, you can share new content through Facebook to direct people to your website or blog. Just remember that video posts get far more engagement that regular text-based posts so consider (very strongly) producing video for your site.


Instagram is relatively new, but it already has 1 billion monthly active users. In addition, it’s growing at leaps and bounds. What’s great is that the Instagram algorithm is more business-friendly than the Facebook algorithm. Thanks to hashtags, customers from around the world can easily find you. This is because the hashtag categorises the posts that are made and allows them to fall under a category that other like-mined users will search.

Most of the Instagram users are under 25.Therefore, it’s a great platform if you are trying to target a younger, hipper audience on digital marketing channels. It’s also the ideal platform if your brand posts beautiful images. Instagram has more users in urban areas so companies who focus on fashion or digital tech will fare better than ones who focus on agriculture.


LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for professionals. There are about 250 million monthly active users, mostly business owners and other professional workers. Therefore B2B content is better for LinkedIn. There are also many decision-makers and influencers in the B2B digital marketing spaceon the platform. This means that if you can get your brand and message to them, you will make the sale. And if your clients are businesses, rather than individual customers, you will have success marketing to them on LinkedIn.


Twitter provides a consistent stream of information and new content. It has about 335 million monthly active users,and almost every brand has a Twitter profile. It is one of the most accessible platforms available,and many use it to engage with brands regarding customer service or complaints.The character limit forces you to share concise, engaging, yet informative information. And when you do it right, your message can spread very quickly through retweets and likes.


YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly active users,and they watch about a billion hours of videos every day! YouTube is also known as the second-largest search engine after Google. This means that it allows your customers to view, like, comment, and share your videos. You can even advertise on YouTube to increase your reach and revenue streams.

You can share anything from product reviews to instructional videos and educate your audience. And once you have videos on the platform, they will show up in general searches where you can promote your other social accounts. If your customers want to learn, YouTube is your go-toplatform.

The social media platform that you should be using depends on your business. If you function in the B2B space, platforms such as LinkedIn should beyour go-to. However, if you’re more of a B2C business platforms such as Facebook should feature highly on your digital marketing radar. One thing is for certain: social media marketing is an avenue to improve on the marketing for your business. This means that it should always be aligned with your brand’s messaging.