What To Consider When Purchasing Feather Flags Cheap?

One of the cheapest means of promoting your business and making it visible to your prospects is with advertising flags. These flags turn out to be an amazing tool to make your brand visible since they can be easily placed in target areas for your current and potential clients to see. Banner and flags are extremely affordable compared to various other modes of advertising. There are several different flag designs available for you to choose from including sail, teardrop flags, feather flags, banners, and swooper. Feather flags are the most popular of all.

feather flags

The feather flags are designed in the form of a feather with the flag part being attached to a frame. They easily attract eyes and are quite trendy, hence, allow your message as a brand to get noticed. However, just like choosing any other type of a flag, there are crucial aspects you should consider when buying custom feather flags and they include the following.

  • The Frame – Considering the fact that the feather flags attach to a frame to create that amazing feather outlook, it is crucial to consider the material the flag is made from. Fiberglass proves to be sturdy and most durable frame type for feather flags. Aluminum is also quite popular and is more durable than fiberglass though it comes in a bit expensive. Wholesale banner flags can be easily attached to the fiberglass frame. Ensure to choose a frame you think can withstand different weather conditions, especially strong winds to ensure your message remains visible no matter what.
  • Flag Hardware – The base is among the hardware that you cannot assume while getting flag banners on the cheap. This is what offers the flag the stability it requires to fly your message. You can choose from different types of bases and pick the one that best suits your requirements. With wholesale banner flags, you should also consider getting tire bases. Other than that, get flagpole for your flag too. The poles are available in different styles and you can choose the one that best goes with your flag design.
  • Flag Design – The prime use should obviously determine the size of your feather flag. It is crucial to pick the right size as you may get custom feather flag discounts from some vendors. Tall feather banner flags generally attract more people than the shorter ones and your message will be above all, hence, giving you an added benefit.

When looking for feather flags, you need to decide if you would be using one side or both sides and also pick the right colors and fabric to ensure desired results. Finding the cheapest feather flags may seem tough; however, you can easily find wholesale banner flag vendors both online and offline.