Why Opt For iHerb Promo Codes HK?

Do you shop around for natural health products and supplements? iHerb is the best option to consider here! The store offers products at very reasonable prices. It houses all the top brands of the natural health supplements and products. The companies mainly include Natrol, NOW Foods, Life Extension, Solgar, Enzymatic Therapy, Source Naturals, Carlson, Twin Lab, New Chapter and Natural Factors etc. iHerb was marked as the top-rated online store in the year 2009 by Consumerlab. You can rely on iHerb as they have been around for more than 2 decades now. The company offers a lot of discounts, as well as, iherb promo code hk and also offer percentage or quantity discounts in case you order products from them in bulk. They offer a quick and affordable delivery service with the shipping mostly free in the US, if the orders are over $40. Moreover, they have an exceptional customer service.

iHerb Referral Program

When you become an iHerb customer, you are provided with an exclusive referral code that you can easily access from your account. If your friends or family place an order first time on your reference then the referral code will help you earn rewards. If you intend to see your code, just log into the program and activate your code, and pass it onto your friends and family. The first time customers will be saving $5 on their shopping and you will earn 4 percent commission on the order along with several other orders they will place during a year. These are called 1st generation rewards.

Your earnings will not stop here. The customers, who would have used your iHerb referral code, will be logging into their accounts and passing their codes. The rewards you will be earning through this are termed as 2nd generation rewards which at 3 percent. Likewise, you will continue earning 3rd and 4th generation rewards at 2 percent and 1 percent respectively. There is a patent pending program as well that is going to follow all the referral codes individually and will offer rewards for every repeat order that has been placed within a year. You can earn rewards not just for a year but several years from just one reference.

You can check your rewards on your iHerb account and can use them as cash for buying your favorite products at iHerb. If your total amount exceeds $300 at the end of the month, then you are sent cash back rewards in the form of a check by the company. The rewards that are less than $300 will be carried forward in the next month. If you make use of natural health supplements, then it is vital that you buy them from iHerb only – This is the best choices for sure!