Why Taking On An Apprentice Is A Great Long-Term Business Move

Regardless of whether you like the concept or not, the apprenticeship route shows no signs of slowing down. What’s more, with an increasing proportion of students deciding against college and university due to costly fees, it makes sense that those same students are investigating the potential of apprenticeships for when they leave school.

The apprenticeship route was once considered of lower value, compared to a college education. Fortunately, times and indeed opinions have changed with those modern apprenticeships now beginning to offer paths which not only train students in a specific industry but also now provide qualifications at the same level of some of those top earning degrees.

An Apprentice Is Able to Get to Know Your Business from the Inside Out

When you take on an apprentice, you are introducing them to your business and encouraging them to develop the best possible mindset to get the best possible results out of them.

You therefore do not take on any bad habits as such, for this, for most, will be the first time they’ve been exposed full time to a business and therefore they are like a blank canvass waiting for further instructions and ultimately further inspiration!

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This means you can teach and show them the right way of doing a job, that is how you wish for the role to be performed, rather than have to accept quick fixes and laziness gained through any previous work history.

For the apprentice, this means they can start with your company on a clean slate and work hard to undertake the best practical training possible. This also makes them feel as though they have a connection to your business and a sense of belonging.

Atkins are acutely aware of the need to get more younger people into engineering, so anything that your company can do to encourage the next generation into the work environment will certainly highlight how effective apprenticeships really are.

An Apprenticeship Route Shows Your Dedication as an Employer

By taking the decision to offer apprenticeship programs to the next generation, you are effectively highlighting your business in the best light possible.

As an apprenticeship provider, you are efficiently contributing your part towards society by offering practical skills and parting with some of your hard-earned knowledge, alongside highlighting other possible routes for those younger members who don’t necessarily want to go to college or university.

However, in return what this offer does is highlight your company in a great way, as an innovator and a business who is fully committed to investing in the younger generation. Those employers who promote apprenticeships show faith in the younger generation and an ability to want to teach industry secrets and knowledge, therefore creating some of the best young minds in the country.

Apprenticeship Statistics Make Great Findings

Finally, recent figures suggest that most young workers develop a great repour with the company offering them traineeships and ultimately end up becoming a fully qualified and fully paid member of staff with them once their apprenticeship comes to an end.