Why You Need Shift Management Software in 2022

Why You Need Shift Management Software in 2022

Shift management software is a type of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to manage and track employee shift schedules. It includes features to help managers schedule, assign, and track employee hours.

Among other benefits, shift management software helps managers allocate shifts more efficiently, monitor employee performance, and reduce costs. It also provides a centralised point of access for current and historical shift data.

Now, let’s dive into five key reasons why shift management software is essential for businesses in 2022.

1. Complete Onboarding & Rostering Through an All-in-one App

Employee onboarding and rostering become easier than ever with shift management software—especially when you can handle it all from a single mobile app!

Through automated onboarding, you can quickly and easily capture essential employee data like bank details, Superannuation, and TFNs. Using the app, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to set up new hires, eliminate errors, and forget about filling out tedious paper forms.

You can also use shift management apps to create cost-effective and functional rosters. We’ll go into more detail about this in the next section.

2. Automate Your Roster Scheduling

Roster scheduling is a big time and cost sink for many businesses, especially when your employees have complex schedules. Shift management software eliminates this problem by intelligently automating rosters based on staff availability, qualifications, and leave entitlements.

The software can also help reduce over and under scheduling by offering automated warnings based on staff capacity and demand.

3. Enjoy Ultimate Flexibility

Shift management software can often integrate with other systems such as payroll processors or industry management tools. These integrations make the software ultra-flexible, allowing you to tailor the service to your business’s unique needs.

For example, you could integrate your software with a payroll partner to reduce payroll processing and administration time. You can also integrate essential data like occupancy or PoS information to stay extra informed.

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4. Manage Shifts on-the-go

Employee schedules can often change at a moment’s notice—and there’s nothing more frustrating than calling around trying to find a replacement.

Shift management software turns these frustrations into problems of the past by allowing you to reschedule and rearrange shifts on the go—all from your mobile app. From a single pane, you can quickly find available and eligible replacements without wasting time on phone calls.

5. Easy-to-use Virtual Interface

Shift management software is easy to learn and use for managers and employees alike. The simple layout makes viewing staffing information a breeze, while employee enagement features allow for effortless communication. Whether you’re connecting one-on-one or making a team-wide announcement, shift management software helps you do it all.

Employees will also enjoy having more control over their schedules, bidding on shifts and receiving quick input and approval from managers.


Shift management software can help with everything from reducing the time managers spend on shift scheduling to improving employee satisfaction. Book a demo with the Humanforce team today to find out more about what the service can do for you!